The Bald (Shaven/Waxed) Muff. Current Image Count: 3983

The Bald muff is defined as a muff who's hair has been entirely removed. This is accomplished either through shaving the pubic hair with an electric razor, a standard razor & shaving cream, a depilatory solution (Nair), or by waxing. A waxing that removes the pubic hair as well as any hair around the ass & sphincter hole is termed a "Brazilian".

While playing our game of Guess her muff, you may see that in some pictures of Bald pussy there are hairs present; it's a judgement call on our end as to whether the intent was to have a trimmed pussy, or if it was indeed a bald pussy photographed in between tidying up. Don't bitch, pussy pix are pussy pics.

The Bald twat is often controversial, with an ongoing argument that lovers of bald pussy pics suffer from latent pedophilia. Shaven or waxed pussy is also reffered to as: hard wood floor, the bald eagle, shaved kitty, and the dancefloor among other things.

The Trimmed Muff. Current Image Count: 1228

The Trimmed muff is defined as a muff who's hair has been cut back in length, in shape, or in combination of the two. Trimming your muff is often accomplished by use of an electric hair trimmer, or a set of grooming scissors.

While you play our game of Guess her muff, you may see that the pubic hair in our trimmed pussy pics vary in the length of the pubic hair, as well as the shape of hair in the pubic region. This is a matter of preference for the woman, often times to accomodate their bikini or panty preference. Again, the judgement call is ours and trimmed pussy pix are still free pussy pics.

The Landing Strip Muff. Current Image Count: 890

The Landing Strip muff is defined as a vertical line of hair, often a 1/2 inch to a 1 inch in width, extending from just above the pubic bone to within an inch or 2 of the navel. The Landing Strip pubic hair is shaved or waxed neatly to either side, and may or may not be trimmed in length. Landing Strip pussy is the 2nd "high maintenace" option in vaginal adornment, requiring more time & effort than most pussy variations.

While playing our game of Gues her muff, you will notice that the Landing Strip pussy pics are well maintained, their owners being a reflection of their choice in muff decoration.

The Natural/Hairy Muff. Current Image Count: 888

The Natural/Hairy muff is defined as a muff that is left unattended, that is, to grow as it would without interference. Natural/Hairy Pussy pix are often attributed to certain cultures & ethnicities, but is ultimately a personal preference as are all pussy decoration techniques.

While playing our game of Gues her muff, you will notice that the Natural/Hairy pussy photos are the 2nd most easily defined, and often the 1st most missed guess. Natural/Hairy pussy is the "low maintenance" option, requiring no time & effort.

The Patch Muff. Current Image Count: 806

The Patch muff is defined as a muff who's pubic hair has been shaven or trimmed nearly completely leaving a small, often round, tuft of noticable hair above the slit (not around the pussy lips). The Patch pussy hair, is achieved in a similar method as trimming, with careful detail applied to the size, shape, & position of the remaining hair. Most notable for their use of creativity in using a Patch is Jenna Jameson for her well known "V" shaped pubic patch.

While playing our game of Guess her muff, you will notice the pubic patch is teh most easily defined of all our pussy pics. This is because the woman taking the pix of her muff is often more detail oriented and maintains her pussy more regularly. Of all the muff hair styles, the Patch is the "high maintenance" option, these women pride themselves on the appearance of their muff as an accessory to their personality.

The Vajazzled Muff. Current Image Count: 120